Slider Selections

Apple Wood Smoked Chicken Salad
Chicken is seasoned with fresh herbs, chilled, and served on a bed of lettuce.
Cajun Pulled Pork 
BBQ Pulled pork  topped, and if you like topped with our creamy homemade cole slaw.
USS  Catfish
Pan fried served on a bed of lettuce and topped with a fresh basil curry mayo.
Wood Smoked Salmon Salad
Salmon is seasoned with fresh herbs, served with a crisp cucumber ring, and a spot of cream cheese.
Southern Belle Rosemary Chicken (Poultry)
(Served at the 2012 NFL Super Bowl Tailgate Party) 
Pulled Oven roasted chicken, dressed with our sweet-tart Alabama White sauce. 
Far East Deli
A refreshing deli bursting with favors crisp vegetables, shredded cabbage and a cool sweet plum sauce.
Station Turkey Burger 
Lightly seasoned grilled grounded turkey, sweet caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and our special blackberry BBQ sauce.
KG Meatloaf
Great old fashion meatloaf serve with the traditional sweet red sauce or the Tennessee way with mayo and sweet pickle relish.
Giardinera Italian
Local fresh ground Italian sausage lightly smoked and serve with peppers and onions.
Swai Thai 
Fresh Swai fish cake , full of favors of Thailand such as lemongrass, cilantro, garlic and herbs, wrapped in leaves of lettuce, topped with pickled bamboo and chili. Served with a sweet chili dipping sauce.
Individual Quiche Petite 
Oven-baked sausage and broccoli quiche in a flakey pastry crust, topped with cheese
Grandma’s Old Timer Burger 
Lightly seasoned grilled ground beef, with minced onions, served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and yellow mustard.
Beirut Pocket (Veggie)
Our Slider version of the falafel served on a split pita with cucumber, radish, hummus, and tahini sauce.
Far East (Veggie)
A refreshing deli bursting with favors crisp vegetables, shredded cabbage and a 
cool sweet plum sauce with a smear of cream cheese.
The Olympian 
Lightly seasoned grilled lamb and beef, served with onions, tomatoes, and a creamy cucumber sauce. Our Slider of the Gyro.
The Brunch 
Feel like you’ve been missing something? Restart your day with a Hot Ham, Egg, and Cheese, served on a croissant with your choice of blackberry or red raspberry jam. 
Torta de Pollo (New Slider) 
Grilled chicken and black beans on a crusty bolillo roll, topped with our special radish relish, and finished with a cooling sour cream and avocado slices.
 The Triple,  el treep-lay (Veggie)
El Treep-Lay (The Triple) is our version of a Peruvian staple.  This sandwich has three layers which include a light and refreshing egg salad, a layer of sliced tomato, a layer of sliced avocado.  This slider is served as a veggie, however for added taste and texture, you can ask for yours to be topped with real bacon bits.
Unpanada (New Slider)
Seasoned ground beef, spices, served on a warm ciabatta roll, topped with a boiled egg wedge, green olive, and a balsamic chimichurri sauce. Think of it as a deconstructed Empanada.
New Day Bean Steak Burger (New Slider)
A fiber rich, three beans burger, topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard and steak sauce.
The Ball-Boy (New)
Flash fried shrimp served on toasted french, topped with our special cajun slider sauces.
Double Dogs (Beef)
Two all beef hot dogs from two different regions. One is the tradition style mid-west dog with catsup, mustard and relish. The other is an east coast style dog served with our own  special Slider chili sauce and of course our creamy homemade cole slaw. 
Mushroom Marsala (Veggie)
A fresh marinated mushroom served on a bed of arugula, topped with a rich garlic marsala sauce and gorgonzola cheese.
Mediterranean Cheese Steak (Veggie)
A pleasant mix of  marinated zucchini, egg plant, red peppers, and onions on a toasted roll spread with a tarragon cream, topped with provolone cheese.
Hot Hawaiian  (Pork)
Shaved ham on a sweet Hawaiian roll with melted monterey jack cheese and a savory onion relish.  This Slider is served baked right out of the oven and finished with a cool bite of pineapple. 
Chicken Batura
Fresh ground chicken with a mixture of garlic, ginger, green chilies, coriander, and cashews.  Served grilled, then topped with a refreshing spinach and mint chutney all tucked inside the folds of a warm Flat Bread. 
“Some Like It Hot”
This is our newest Gourmet Burger made with Fresh ground Beef, grilled to order, then topped with our special green chili sauce, sweet grilled onions and provolone cheese, served on a toasted Kaiser Bun. 
This burger is a bit more than our  regular Sliders and will add $1.00 more to your order if you dare try to see just why “Some Like It Hot”
Satay Nachos
Our special twist, rice flour nacho chips topped with roasted chicken and Thai-Asian influences. Crispy, crunchy, and surprisingly different. 
“The Dip”
This is our newest Specialty Gourmet Slider made with fresh shaved beef, dipped in a red wine au jus, then topped with your choice of provolone cheese, or giardinera, served on a toasted hoagie roll. 
Our Specialty Sliders and is bit more than our  regular Sliders
Dry Hot Wings
Our version of hot wings. Spicy smokey good whole wings, finished with our famous White Sauce before serving.

Slider Selections-Naked 
These SLIDERS are our low carb versions and have lost their tops and bottoms, they are served on an 8oz bed of mixed greens and topped with their original sauces.  You can choose the 
Cajun Pulled Pork or Southern Belle Rosemary Chicken 

Daily Specials

Sausage and Broccoli Quiche  
Oven-baked in a flakey pastry crust, topped with cheese, served with fresh fruit and a side salad of mixed greens.
Station Chicken Pot Pie  
Oven-baked in a flakey pastry crust, fresh mixed vegetables, served with fresh fruit and a side salad of mixed greens.
Smothered Chicken Louisiana
Braised chicken, with fresh vegetables and mushrooms smothered in a rich creamy sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes, the vegetable of the day, and petite homemade rolls.
Chicken Marsala
Sauteed chicken and mushrooms in a little wine sauce, served with buttered spaetzle (a homemade German noodle), the vegetable of the day.
Dry Hot Wings
Sauceless spicy, smokey good whole wings
KG Meatloaf 
Southern style slow cooked meatloaf.  Also served as a Slider.
Soul Ravioli 
Large Homemade ravioli stuffed with seasoned ground meats, with grilled onions and a creamy mushroom sauce. served with salad or fruit of the day, and petite homemade rolls.
Stuffed Peppers
A spin on the mediterranean side, served with a creamy basil aioli sauce, salad or fruit of the day, and petite homemade rolls.

Side Dish

Potpourri Pasta Salad
Bow-tie pasta, tossed with crisp vegetables, fresh herbs and a light olive oil, avocado lime dressing.
Corn Confetti
Fresh corn with peppers, onions, green chilies in a sweet creamy butter sauce.
Cole Slaw
Homemade cabbage slaw with a creamy mayo based sauce, served chilled.
Greek Potatoes
Baked potatoes, with onions, and green olives, topped with sharp cheddar cheese and bacon bits.
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Vegetable of the Day
Vegetables include steamed broccoli, garlic almond green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes and vary based on availability 
Fresh Fruit
Fruit selections will vary based on availability.
Petite Potatoes Rolls
Individual homemade yeast rolls.
Individual pre-packaged chips are included with all slider combo meals.


Annie’s Southern Pound Cake
Plain and simply butter-rich, just like Big Mama made when we were kids.
Milt’s Guilty Gooey Cake
Plain and simply, sweet and gooey, with a cooling sour cream touch.
Banana Silk Pudding 
Silky banana cream filling and fresh bananas, layered between three homemade shortbread cookies. Light and delightful.
Decadent Panache Brownie
This is for chocolate lovers.  A gooey fudge brownie iced with decadent browned butter panache topping.  An “embarrassment of richness”.
Spoon Apple Crisp 
Our version of Apple Crisp with a twist, served warm.
Blackberry Browned Butter Cinnamon Roll
A light cinnamon roll, laced with fresh chopped blackberries, topped with browned butter icing, and blackberry simple syrup.  Our bakery speciality.
Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Roll
A light cinnamon roll, laced with two types of chocolate and finished with our browned butter icing.
Chocolate Pumpkin Layer Cake
Three layers of moist chocolate/pumpkin cake with a cocoa cream cheese icing, and topped with a final layer of bittersweet dark chocolate ganache.
Praline Cream Puff  (New)
Light and airy cream puff pastry filled with whipped cream and a surprising bite of bacon and a southern peacan praline treat.
Lemon Custard  
Creamy baked lemon and egg custard in a graham crust topped with a pile of whipped cream. What a tart way to end your meal.
Rum Raisin Butter Tart  (New)
A rich, creamy, buttery tart, laced with plump golden raisins, and a hint of rum.

Try one of our Sorbets for a cool refreshing treat.
Flavors: Lemon, Blackberry, Strawberry, 
Sweet Tea, Mint Citrus, and Sweet Potato Pie

Note: Menu selections will vary from day to day.