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Slider Station is the name of our Food Truck.  The truck is the one place where we can bring the flavors and taste of things we love and can offer them to you.  We hope you will follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we start making our way around town.



Our Food Truck

Slider Station

At Slider Station our goal is to present a lighter more up-to-date spin on the everyday fast food.  At Slider Station a Slider is not just a burger, it’s the size of the sandwich as well as the desserts.  We hope you will find that our uniquely simple fare is not only a hand full, it’s a mouth full.  At Slider Station we will bring you great food, at a great value in Little Bites, with Big Taste.  


For more on Slider Station check out the next page on how to place an order when the truck rolls up somewhere near you.  Better yet, follow us and find us for a fantastic lunch time experience.  Our Chef is ready, the truck is loaded and we will be rounding the bases and sliding to a stop near you.




Food Truck  SOLD

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